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About Us

Youth Council Krusevac (YCK) is nongovernmental, non-political and nonprofit civil society organization with the vision of developed civil society which respects and defends the rights of all citizens, founded in 2008.

Main aims:

- improvement of civil society’s development
- advocacy for better position of youth in local community
- advocacy for better quality of life of marginalized groups
- promotion of human and minority rights, tolerance and interculturality
- support to development of local community

Our beneficiaries are young people from local community, but our primary target group are young offenders and ex offenders from Correctional Home for Juveniles in Krusevac.

Our work is based on the principles of non-formal education, learning through experience and intercultural learning. Youth Council’s Krusevac activities contribute to development of civil society in Serbia, with special accent on support to young offenders’ integration into society.

Since the beginning of our work we realized more long-term project with young offenders, and every project had the aim to support the process of re-socialization of young offenders and their inclusion into society.